Introducing Benetton Allerton

An icon in the fashion world, Benetton is renowned for its use of colour, diversity and authenticity. Offering Ladies, Mens & Children’s fashions, Benetton Allerton road is one of the only Benetton store in the North West alongside our New children’s only store in Kirkby town centre. Run by local entrepreneur Clare, these stores are probably the best-kept-independent-secret in Liverpool. Clare and her team are always ready to help their customers with their ‘Benetton-fix’!  Buy online, or visit us in store for our full range.


We care about what’s in your clothes. We aim to be using only sustainable cotton by 2025.

We care about where your clothes come from. That’s why we ask our suppliers in Europe and around the world to agree to a Code of Conduct. It ensures they respect human rights and protect the planet.

We care about how your clothes are made.

We care about how your clothes reach you. We wrap them in sustainable packaging, study the best solutions to ship them around the world, our stores are energy-efficient .

We care about how long your clothes last. Half of them are monofibre, making them easy to recycle.

It’s not empty talk. It’s a commitment.
It’s not marketing. It’s part of our history.

It is a long journey, but we are sure that we are on the right track. Thanks to people like you, who keep us going down the path to sustainability.

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